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The home of free downloads in kindle (prc) format for out-of-copyright books.  Ideal for kindle, Sony reader, i-pad, blackberry, i-phone, android and other mobiles devices or smart phones.

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Free prc downloads of books by Wilkie Collins

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A Fair Penitent

A Rogue's Life

After Dark




Blind Love

Heart and Science

Hide and Seek

I Say No


Little Novels

Man and Wife

Miss or Mrs

My Lady's Money

No Name

Poor Miss Finch

Rambles Beyond Railways

Sisar Rosa

The Black Robe

The Dead Alive

The Evil Genius

The Fallen Leaves

The Frozen Deep

The Guilty River

The Haunted Hotel

The Law and the Lady

The Legacy of Cain

The Moonstone

The New Magdalen

The Queen of Hearts

The Two Destinies

The Woman in White



We offer Wilkie Collins' books here for free download in prc format - just what's needed for students searching for quotes.