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Don't forget -  full texts of All Shakespeare's plays are available for free download ON THIS SITE.  Click here for the list of titles.

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The DVD -Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (PG)- animates 12 plays each lasting 30 minutes (scroll for list of those included):


1. Romeo & Juliet
2. Twelfth Night
3. The Tempest
4. A Midsummer's Nights Dream
5. Richard III
6. Othello
7. The Taming Of The Shrew
8. Macbeth
9. A Winter's Tale
10. As You Like It
11. Hamlet
12. Julius Caesar

Need more biographies to list in your bibliography? These are very readable books and will provide plenty of information for your project.












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A very readable book covering lots of different aspects of Shakespeare's life, times, plays and verses.  Also ideal for a providing lots information in bite-size chunks for a school project.

Recommended Resources




Text Box: These children's summaries of some of the most popular Shakespeare plays are excellent.  They are in very readable and quickly and simply convey the key plots in the plays. Furthermore they include commentaries which set the plays in context and a description of the theatre-going in Shakespeare's day. Although one or two quotes are included, for more substantial quotes you will need one of the many student notes or the real thing, available as free download from this site. If you are only interested in one of the plays click on one of the links below to buy singly
 Or  buy individually.....